Is it fact or is it fiction that dogs can talk?  Do they know what they are saying with meaning or is it just an emotional sound of vowels?   My dog can say Arrr rooo uuuu, when I say “I love you!”  Dogs have trouble making consonant sounds because of their lips and teeth, though they do communicate. I would be certain that dogs can communicate with each other, the question is do they understand the human language? They can for sure mimick the sounds of the human voice and do understand many words and commands.

I would tend to think that dogs communicate emotion with love to their owners.  They always want to please their owner, but maybe they do understand more that we know?  My Scottish terrier knows the word hamburger, when I say hamburger he will respond vocally and then go the the refrig!  This makes me think he is trying to say the word and expects a hamburger treat!

I hope you enjoy this video, I really makes me laugh to see dogs trying to talk.


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