Most dogs don’t get much on their birthday. But this dog owner had a big surprise in store for their dog. You see, Maymo was having a pretty boring day lounging on the couch, but then something wonderful started to happen…

At first, there were a few subtle changes. The furniture got pushed together, the rug was shaped into a bowl, and the couch Maymo was sitting on slowly moved into place. But, Maymo didn’t take much notice. He wasn’t sure what to think and I don’t think he had any idea what was coming!

But when this dog owner showed up with the surprise, Maymo knew something was up. And then, the owner dropped the bomb! At first, Maymo was so shocked, he didn’t know what to do. He just looked in amazement. But, then he figured it out and dove in for one of the best doggy treats I have seen.

This is such a great DIY doggy birthday surprise and Maymo had such a great time enjoying it.  I am posting the video below so you can see the whole story for yourself!

It is amazing how much joy a simple and creative idea can bring. Isn’t it those little things that we do for our dogs and for each other that can make such a big difference? I hope this inspiring video helps give you some ideas for giving your doggie something special.



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