Puppies love to play and have fun!  It’s a new world to explore every day, just like a precious baby boy or girl.  Exploring the indoors or the out doors, life is an adventure!   Looking in a mirror, rolling in the grass, even playing with an ipad, puppies are always looking for a new discovery! I love the sweet innocence and carefree nature of these little furry friends.

Please click on the video if you would like to enjoy this funny and happy puppy video!  Also enjoy this cute poem by Dev!

Dev Aug 2018
Wet nose, four paws, and a wagging tail
follow right beside me on an uncharted trail.
We’re exploring, but just what for?
National treasure or maybe folklore?
He doesn’t know and neither do I.
On a day like this we don’t need to ask why.
I stop for a break and he looks right at me.
“C’mon Dev. Let’s make it snappy.”
I can’t disappoint those big brown eyes.
He never complains, frowns, or tells lies.
His only intention is to insure I’m happy.
So I stand back up and give him a patting.
We march on in search of who knows.
Through the highest highs and the lowest lows,
There is always an adventure just around the bend.
He’s not only a puppy – he’s my hairy best friend.


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