Going to the groomers is usually a pleasant experience!  Not in this case! It does take time for dogs and puppies to get use to grooming and it is best to use the same groomer once you find a good one.  This little dog has never made it all the way through one haircut with out agression and biting! On this visit the groomer did finally get most of the body clipped, but, only by putting on extreme restrictions (bitting guard and muzzle).

The groomer was very careful with each step, shocking, even the owners were nervous.   This cute brown little dog throws a vicious bark and bite, you may jump out of your seat at one point as I did! Endure to the end, and hope and pray that this puppy will one day get use to grooming hair cuts and toe nail clipping!

If you’d like to watch the grooming experience just click on the video and enjoy!



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