You can help reduce Anxiety for both you and your dog by learning these easy Doggie Massage Tips:

  • Play some soft music to help you and your dog relax and clear away any anxiety. It is always best to begin in a calm and submissive state. Also, going for a nice long walk is always good before you begin.
  • Begin your massage with gentle petting starting at the face and head moving down the back. Talk softly to your dog, sweet words to help him or her relax.
  • Massage your pet’s neck with small circular motions with gentle pressure.
  • Next massaging downward towards your dog’s shoulders and armpits. This is a special area because dogs can’t reach this area, so they really enjoy it!
  • Then move to the chest and front legs, some dogs do not like their legs massaged so if that is the case move on to the paws. Some dogs have a kick reflex so start slowly.
  • Next massage your dogs back and spine using circular motions going up and down the area. Massage both sides.
  • Gently move down the back to the hind legs and tail area. When you are done with the tail your dog should be completely relaxed and stress-free!
  • A daily massage is a great way to get to know your dog more intimately and also watch for any strange lump or health conditions.


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