One of the things that I love most about dogs is their unconditional love and loyalty. They are always there for you when you need them most.  And, They’ll never leave you nor forget you, no matter what.

Look what happens when this soldier comes home after a long deployment in Afghanistan. His dog, Gracie. looks out the door to see who is coming. Then, Gracie sees Dadda (Gracie’s owner) and her response is so precious! The pure joy that Gracie expresses just gives you goosebumps and may put a lump in your throat. I just love how Gracie runs out to meet her owner filled with love and excitement. Then, Gracie jumps into his lap and the soldier leans in to give her a big hug. What a precious moment that will tug on your heart strings!

This video turned into a testament about what a pup like Gracie can add to life. And this video shows the very special bond of love between dog and owner. If you want to see a special moment shared between a very lovable dog and her owner, watch the video below.


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