Have you ever seen a dog push a shopping cart?  This talented and smart Jasmine is about to show you how to shop!  She is all dressed in her cute pink shirt, the tease is on for the day! She waits for her owner Stacy to go to work and then makes her plan to go get some doggie treats and supplies form the pet store down the road.  How did she know to bring the credit card?  Where will she hid the goods when she gets home? Jasmine slips out the back gate and carefully runs down the side walk, crossing the street and watching for traffic.  How does she do it? Will she get home in time before Stacy returns?  So funny, you will really enjoy this video, Jasmine puts things in the cart and … well watch to see the rest!

If you’d like to watch this doggy tease on a shopping spree, just click the video link above and enjoy!


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