This Sheba Inu Puppy at 6 months old can sing and talk with his Mama!  Love at first sight, this cute black, white and tan pup is very vocal and has a lot to say.  Toshi is a Japanese mountian dog, yet born and raised in Hawaii.  Both of his grandparents are champs from Japan, so Toshi is a very smart and sofisticated dog.  Stuborn, yes, but loads of fun, Toshi is a special boy because he has a marking of a bow tie around his neck.

This breed can be stubborn and do better with adults.  They need lots of love, space, and privacy.  Toshi has never had an accident in the house, they are very neat and tidy.

I love how Toshi sings and talks, he does always have a whole lot to say and loves to play.  Please click on the video if you would like to hear Toshi Bear sing with Mama!


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