An urgent call one day to hopefully save these three dogs, one of them was pregnant.  If you have a heart ot help abused animals, this is a helping and loving site. HopeForPaws.Org

They met at the rescue location. Where are the puppies, this homeless Lab tries to pull one over everyones eyes, but all the puppies were found.

Tying to kee the males busy by feeding them is the key so the rescue team can help mom find the new puppies. The Males know there is something up, they start to bark aggressivly. Where are the new borns?  Mama is guarding and watching, protecting her pups.

The search is on for the puppies, mom is hidden in the branches and no puppies to be seen yet.  If you’d like to know where and how the puppies are just click on the video and watch.  This is an amazing story … I hope they are all safe and they all make it to a safe home.





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