After a devestating event in the woods, this beautiful female dog named Ruby was abandoned and beat by a hunter. Left to die, they broke her hips so she could not even walk.  Ruby is a very beautiful dog.  Someone found her and she was brough in for help, the recue team only hoped she would survive.  They took her to a vet hospital where they performed a CT scan. Ruby was so skinny and weak, she was going to need surgery to repair the shattered hip.  She got through the surgery and now she needed to gain strenght to heal.  Ruby didn’t trust anyone at this time, she slowly gained trust for the people helping her.  The animal nurses and vet helped Ruby to walk again, it tooks weeks or therapy and work. After 3 weeks a lovely couple found out about Ruby and wanted to meet her.  This was going to be Ruby’s new family.  Ruby was scared at first but she slowly warmed up to her new owners.  Ruby was going home to live a safe and protected life, she got her first kisses, this story brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart that Ruby is safe, healed, and whole.


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