Nearly five years ago in Pheonix, Arizona where summer temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees, miraculoulsy this dog managed to stay alive.  This heartwarming story will inspire you and bring tears to your eyes.

This adorable Dog, Rusty was chained up outside in someones back yard.  Trapped by the beating hot sun and neglected, hanging on by a thread of hope, until finally a sweet savior came to his rescue.

Over three years he was left on a chain with no human interaction growing bitter, he would bark and snarl as people walked by.  He did not seem friendly.  One day somebody came by and waited by the fence talking to the trapped and abused pup. Surprisingly the dog loved the attention!

After spending his entire life outside and chained to the backyard cement wall, he is finally rescued.  As it turns out, Rusty loves to be loved and just needed some human interaction.

To see the rest of the story just click on the link below.


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