This tiny new sweet puppy is so sleepy wobbling his head on the babies blue blanket, is he going to fall asleep on the new baby?  He is trying to stay awake and is almost falling over, Finally he goes down!  It’s a fight to stay upright for sure!

Puppies need alot mor sleep than the average dog. With all the new things in their world and all of the learning and exploring, they need as much as 18-20 hours of sleep in a 24 hour cycle.  The average dog needs less, between 12-14 hours of sleep.  Senior dogs also need more sleep, so, puppies and old dogs both need more sleep and rest.

Babies and young children also need more sleep.  This vidoe is a cute parallel of the sleepy little ones.  If you would like to see where the puppy falls asleep just click on the video and enjoy!



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