Dogs love to learn tricks and it’s so fun to teach them!  These are the top 10 dog tricks ever!  I think when they learn tricks if feels like a deeper comunication for them as they so make us happy and laugh!  I know when my Scotish Terrier does a trick for me he feels so proud.

Most dogs can learn sit, down and stay, the 10 tricks in this video are a little harder, but almost every dog can learn them at any age.  Pretty soon your dog will be an expert!  It is important to use verbal clues, hand motions and praises when teaching these tricks.

Top 10 Dog Tricks Count Down List:

10. High Five/ with floppy paw 9. Roll Over 8. Dance together  7. peek-a-boo 6. open and close the door 5. Balance a treat 4. Play dead 3. Fetch me a drink 2. Back Flips 1. Skate board


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