Most of us know that dogs are protective but this dog in the video below did even more.  Bailey is a lab and one evening heard something strange and started going crazy at the front door…

Her owners opened the door and saw a coyote running across the street.  Bailey sprung into action and discovered that the coyote had been trying to get some baby chicks but was stopped just in time.

Bailey’s owners where able to take a little video of the aftermath which not only shows the dog protecting the chicks but practically adopting them.  The video is so CUTE!

Labs are especially known for protecting and adopting other animals and I are so glad Bailey was there that night.

Her owners posted an update a few months back…

**UPDATE** Hi Youtube  fans of Bailey — Thank you for all of your wonderful comments on her…She truly is one amazing dog!!!  Sorry we haven’t updated all of you on Bailey and the chicks but here it is.  So, the orphaned chicks we found a home for with wonderful people who were willing to take the time to raise them, and as far as we know, they are doing well!!!”


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