Making the switch to a raw dog food diet for your loving pet is a big decision.  It is always important to consult with your professional Vet before changing to a raw dog food diet.  This video shows an easy way to make a seven day doggy diet with variety.  In the wild, dogs and wolves eat raw meats, organs, veggies and fruits.  Having a variety is very important for nutritional balance.  There are essential vitamins and minerals in raw meat that dogs must have to stay healthy.  On the other hand, it is very important to clean and rinse the meat of any bacteria before serving it to your pet.  Handeling raw meat for humans can be a risk, so always use soap and thoroughly wash up after handeling raw meat.  It would always be best to feed your dog grass fed meats, free of antibiotics and hormones. Here are some benefits listed from a vet consultant:

  1. Dogs love the taste!
  2. Theyave cleaner teeth and better smelling breath,poop and body.
  3. Promotes healthy skin and shiney coat.
  4. They tend to have more energy.
  5. The raw diet is more os what they would have in the wild.
  6. Helps to prevent things in some dog foods that cause cancer. The raw diet avoids the harmful effects caused by processing and the use of by-products or chemically synthesized additives and preservatives.
  7. Melamine is a contaminant in many recalled dog foods, The raw diet bypasses this complication.
  8. They poop less, more dense, and promote healthy colon.

There are benefits to a raw food diet and also some risk factors so do your research and always get professional advise first.


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