Linda really wants a bite of her owners sandwich.  She keeps saying I love you, please give me a bite, please!  The other two dogs stay quiet as Linda keeps placing her order of request.  Daddy keeps saying, “you have your own lunch Linda, go eat your own food!” Linda stil will not listen, she is determined to have a bite.

The question is, can dogs really talk?  It sounds like Linda is saying “I love you.”  Research shows at the University of Standford that dogs can and do make gestures.  These gestures with their body and voice make requests and demand communication.  They want to be understood, like Linda, she wants her message to come through loud and clear!I know from personal experince with my scottish terrier, he makes vocal gestures for play time and meal time.  It gets pretty funny because we talk back and forth until he finally gets his way!  Some dogs are non vocal, they may bark when someone comes to the door, however they still communicate through body language.

If you would like to hear Linda talk and find out the answer just click on the video and enjoy!


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