Dogs can be very sensitive, loving and caring, however there are certian things that they do not like or care for.  This video teaches the 12 top dislikes for our canine friends.  Dogs make our lives so happy and fun, so finding the things that make our furry friends happy is so important.   They do not like pats on the head or hugs, they like their own space and prefer to have their backs rubbed instead.  Dogs prefer body language and signals over words.  They understand this better!  Strange dogs that you do not know you should not hold steady eye contact. Dogs thrive on a structured routine through out the day with strick rules.  A tight lease can stress the pet out so a loose leash when walking creates more freedom.  Dogs need to explore and smell, so give them time to sniff around! Some dogs do not get along so respect their boundaries and behavior with other pets.  Keeping a peaceful demeanor is critiqual in keeping dogs calm and happy.

If you would like to learn more just click on the video and enjoy!


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