Dog owner Shane and Doogie have a very sweet and tender relationship.  Shane plays the guitar for doogie and also writes special Doogie songs that touch the heart and soul. This video was made over 8 years ago and still carries its love to millions around the world.  Doogie has the most amazing reactions to his Dad’s singing and song playing.

How will Doogie react?  If you wouldd like to know just click on the video link to discover his reaction!

This video in  my opinion is proof that dogs have many deep emotions and affectionate ways of showing them.  They have love, joy, fear, anger and even more complex emotions like guilt, shame and even pride.

Some might argue weather dogs can really experience guilt, however, Scientists do think that guilt and shame are emotions seen on dogs faces and expressions.  I don’t think this can be proven though.  I do believe that dogs share many emotions and my favorites are love and joy!





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