Rich and famous people around the world love to buy these top 10 very expensive dogs!  You would never guess what they are!  Interestingly enough, number one is a cattle dog named Pembroke Welsh Corgi, means draf dog.  You wouldn’t think this dog would be a cattle dog becaue of it’s size, however, facinatingly they are amazing with hearding cattle.  Corgi is the oldest and most intellegent of the hearding dogs whick makes it very special.

The second most popular is the Akita Inu!  So popular, this is Japan’s most famouse dog breed originating from the island of Honshu. This breed of dog is very loyal, brave, and a bit head strong.  Akita’s are very protecting and have high intellegence.  They have a beautiful thick coat of fur and are very guarding even to children.  Both of these pets cost aruond $2000, well worth the purchase.  If you’d like to know more about these dogs and the other 8 most expensive pets just click on the video and enjoy!


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