Making your own dog food is amazing because you know every wholesome ingredient that goes into it! Here is an example of a good balanced recipe to keep your dog healthy.  Portions would depend on the size and breed of your dog. My dogs also love broccoli and zucchini, so you can add extra veggies that you know your pet loves!

1 lb ground beef or turkey  or Chicken

3 med sweet potatoes

2 c green beans

1.5 c carrots

1.5 c pumpkin

1.5 c kidney beans

1.5 c peas

3 c spinach

4 c water

3 tbsp grounded flax seed

(1/2 cup of rice brown or white if you want grain)

I suggest making a very large batch and putting single servings into freezer zip lock bags, freezing most of the food and taking it out the day before so it’s super fresh!




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