The raw dog food diet is a great way to go for extra energy and doggy health.  Wolves and dogs in the wild mostly ate meat, organs, some plants and veggies.  It is always wise to consult your vet before making a big change like this.  I personally have made the change for my own pets and they are doing great!  They seem to have more energy, more regular pooping, and puppy play.  Now my Scottish Terrier is 13 years old and he acts 5 years old, many of his cysts have reduced and over all he is doing a lot better.  I make my dog food with raw beef, raw turkey, raw salmon, carrots cooked and blended, flax seed ground up, row broccoli blended, and chickpeas cooked and mashed! My dogs devour their food.  Big bonus for older dogs that have lost their teeth like my little pure breed toy poodle, he has no problem eating this food and loves it.  This video shows many raw recipes with several variations that I may try next. If you would like to learn more just click on the videos and enjoy!


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