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Relaxation & Sleep Music for Dogs

Music effects our mood, playing calm music for dogs also helps them to relax, nap and sleep. Some dogs suffer from anxiety conditions and playing music helps them to feel less alone and muffles outside sounds. I suggest playing the music softly in the background.  This compilation is 15 hours of music for dogs.  Puppies also benefit from listening to gentle music, it is a good idea to play music for them at night and if you are away during work hours.

So, the real question is what type of music to play and do dogs really enjoy music?  Dogs have a very large range of hearing, much larger than humans.  They have sensitive and heightened hearing, so the type of music played is does make a difference and is important.  Dogs like music! In a recent study, shelter dogs were found to be more relaxed and calm when they listened to classical music.  Pop music was of less interest, also the radio, and when heavy metal was played they barked more.


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